Month: March 2020

How to Create your Own Webmail Email | AOL,Hotmail & Gmail

One of the best mail services which keep you closer to your family and friends is AOL mail. It has some of the most attractive and unique features which are different from any regular Gmail, Hotmail, or Outlook account. It is challenging nowadays to get the right email account, as there are a lot of factors related to security and user-friendly attributes. AOL Mail UK solves all such purposes in terms of safety and compatibility with any browser of your system. It is available free of cost for all its users. All you need to do is follow some quick steps to set up your email alice Account t avail of all its attractive services.

Listed below are the steps to sign up your AOL Mail UK within few minutes:

  • Start by searching for “Create AOL Account” in any of your browsers. Click on the first searched result which will redirect you to the AOL Home Page.
  • Once you land on the home page, click on the signup button present at the bottom of your screen.
  • Once you click on the same, you will be redirected to the form asking for some of the required essential details. The details will include name, username, date of birth, and your current location.

You need to be very careful while creating your login credentials which is your username and your password. There is an issue with AOL related to pre-existing usernames and passwords. You need to create a unique username and an eight-digit long password containing letters, numbers, and characters to make it unique than the previously existing ones.

Your password is the primary credential that gives you access to your AOL mail UK account and its services. Thus, unlike other mail accounts, it is not a wordy password, it should be like a fingerprint that can be uniquely yours. Also, the AOL UK mail account asks for frequent password change.

Create your Own Webmail Email

  • Once done, click on the submit button to create your AOL mail UK Account successfully.

You now need to login to your AOL Mail UK Account for the first time to avail its lifetime free of cost services. For this, you need to follow the below-listed steps:

  • In your browser of the operating system search for “login into AOL Mail Account.” Click on the first searched result which will open the AOL home page.
  • Start the AOL Mail UK Account login in the process by signing in to your account security page.
  • Type the unique password by following the above guidelines and then renter the password to confirm the same. The new password you would like to use should be filled in both the new password and confirm new password fields.

Finally, click on the continue which completes your first login in procedure after which you can avail all the AOL Mail UK services and benefits seamlessly.